A Simple Guide to Staking Akash (AKT) with Stakecito

Learn how to stake AKT with Stakecito and begin earning rewards on your crypto in our comprehensive guide.


Jun 24, 2024

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Winfred K. Mandela

Akash Overview

Akash is a decentralized cloud computing marketplace designed to make cloud services faster, simpler, and cheaper. It operates like a decentralized marketplace for cloud resources, allowing anyone to offer their computing capacities while others bid to use them. This system not only enhances the scalability of cloud services but also introduces significant cost reductions compared to traditional cloud providers.

Details on Staking with Stakecito

Validator Address: akashvaloper1qe8uuf5x69c526h4nzxwv4ltftr73v7q8v8c3u
Wallet: Keplr Wallet
Block Explorer: Mintscan
Unstaking Period: 21 Days
Stakecito commission: 5%

How to Stake AKT with Stakecito

1. Install the Keplr Wallet Extension

If you don't have the Keplr extension, visit the Keplr website and click on "Install extension". Choose the correct version for your browser (Chrome or Brave) and follow the setup instructions.

2. Create or Import an Account

Open the Keplr extension in your browser. If you don’t have a Keplr account, create one by following the prompts to generate a mnemonic seed (choose 24 words for enhanced security) and back it up securely. Remember, anyone with access to your mnemonic seed can access your funds, and a lost seed cannot be recovered.

3. Log Into Your Account

Once your account is set up, use the extension to view your address or navigate to Keplr Wallet Staking to access your full dashboard directly.

4. Stake Your AKT

Fund your account with AKT if it's not already funded. You can transfer them from an exchange or another wallet. To stake:

a) Search for and select the "Akash" network.

b) Find "Stakecito" in the list of validators at the bottom of the page and click on it

c) Click 'Stake'.

e) Enter the amount you wish to stake and then click 'Stake' again.

f) Approve the staking transaction.

g) You have officially staked AKT with Stakecito!

Claiming Rewards

Over time, you'll see AKT rewards accumulate. To claim them, simply access the Keplr extension and follow the instructions to claim your rewards.


About Stakecito Labs

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