A Simple Guide to Staking Saga (SAGA) with Stakecito

Learn how to securely stake your Saga with Stakecito, earn rewards, and manage your assets with ease.


Jun 23, 2024

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Winfred K. Mandela

Saga Overview

Saga is a pioneering Layer-1 protocol that introduces the creation and deployment of application-specific blockchains, termed "Chainlets." The Saga protocol simplifies the process of chainlet deployment by automating it and leveraging shared security mechanisms. Developers interact with the Saga Mainnet to initiate Chainlets that operate under the robust ICS security provided by the existing Saga validators, who ensure compliance with strict service-level agreements (SLAs).

This framework allows for the integration of various virtual machines, making it highly flexible and adaptable for developers and different applications. By facilitating the easy launch of dedicated blockchains as effortlessly as deploying a smart contract, Saga empowers developers to efficiently scale their web3 projects while maintaining high security and performance standards. Currently, Saga's GTM is focusing on the gaming sector but Saga's applications are quite extensive.

Details on Staking with Stakecito

  • Validator Address: sagavaloper1qe8uuf5x69c526h4nzxwv4ltftr73v7qsdtg4m

  • Wallet: Keplr Wallet

  • Block Explorer: Mintscan

  • Unstaking Period: 21 Days

  • Stakecito Commission: 5%

How to Stake Saga with Stakecito on Keplr

Staking Saga tokens is a straightforward process with the Keplr wallet, which supports Cosmos SDK-based blockchains. You can also use other wallets like Leap. This guide will walk you through the steps to stake your Saga tokens, manage your portfolio, and claim your staking rewards.

1. Setting Up Keplr Wallet

First, ensure that you have the Keplr wallet installed and set up. If this is your first time using Keplr, follow the official Keplr tutorial to install and start using it.

2. Accessing the Staking Interface

To begin staking:

  • Open your Keplr wallet.

  • Click on "Manage Portfolio in Keplr Dashboard" or directly go to Saga chain on Keplr.

3. Choosing a Validator

In the staking interface:

  • You will see a list of available validators for the Saga network.

  • Select a validator by either typing the validator's name into the search bar or scrolling through the list of validators.

  • For this guide, we will be delegating to the Stakecito SAGA validator, so search for "Stakecito".

4. Staking Your Saga

Once you have chosen a validator:

  • Click the "Stake" button.

  • A confirmation dialog will appear, review the details, and confirm the transaction.

  • If you select one of the top 10 validators, you may encounter a notice like this, don't worry, you can always choose this validator for staking. Saga has only 21 validators and their team has said you can ignore this message.

  • Click "Continue Staking"

  • Click on "Approve" to approve the staking transaction

  • Transaction successful!

5. Managing Your Staking

After staking your Saga tokens:

  • The dashboard will update to show your staked amount and the available balance.

  • You can manage your staked tokens, claim rewards, stake more tokens, or unstake from the same interface.

6. Claiming Rewards

  • Over time, staking rewards will accumulate, which can be claimed by clicking the "Claim" button in the Keplr interface.

  • Ensure you have enough Saga tokens set aside to cover transaction fees.

Final Note

Always ensure to keep your wallet and mnemonic secure, and regularly check for updates from both the Saga network and Keplr to enhance your staking experience. Staking not only helps secure the network but also earns you rewards, contributing to the overall health of the Saga ecosystem!


About Stakecito Labs

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