Introducing Astra: A High-Throughput Stargaze L2

Astra enhances CosmWasm application deployment, integrates Stargaze’s app suite, and offers unique yield generation features, bridging assets for seamless and high-speed NFT trading.


Jun 27, 2024

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Winfred K. Mandela

Introduction to Astra L2

Stargaze has today announced the launch of Astra, its layer 2 (L2) solution developed on Rollkit and leveraging Celestia for data availability. This new L2 is designed to provide high throughput for CosmWasm applications on Stargaze, offering developers a permissionless environment to deploy their smart contracts. Astra represents a significant leap forward, enhancing the functionality and flexibility available to the Stargaze community.

Core Features of Astra L2

Astra integrates the complete suite of Stargaze applications, including the Launchpad and the newly enhanced Marketplace v2. This marketplace now supports NFTs denominated in various assets such as ATOM, USDC, and TIA, beyond STARS. Additionally, existing NFT collections from Stargaze L1, like Celestine Sloths, can be seamlessly bridged to Astra, allowing for high-speed trading on the new platform.

Assets bridged to Astra are designed to earn yield automatically. Initially, ATOM and STARS yields will be provided by Stride, utilizing Hyperlane Yield Routes. Stablecoin yield, facilitated by Noble, will be based on a new IBC standard supporting rebasing assets. Moreover, Astra will offer native yield in BTC, an industry first, by leveraging Bitcoin restaking assets and fees from Bitcoin Ordinals trading on Marketplace v2. This enables users to benefit from automatic liquid staking without the need for manual intervention. Developers can also incorporate this yield functionality into their smart contracts.

Data Availability via Celestia

Celestia provides the backbone for Astra's data availability, ensuring secure and efficient data management. This integration is crucial for maintaining the high throughput and reliability that Astra promises.

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